No Repair Cafe for University of Sheffield :-(

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No Repair Cafe for University of Sheffield :-(

Post by andyc on Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:27 pm

I wasn't sure where to post this, so feel free to move if it's in the wrong place.

I just wanted to share a story of the sort of beaurocracy we are up against when trying to help set up new Repair Cafes.

I was contacted by Sheffield Students Union about the possibility of them hosting regular repair cafes in part of ther large on-campus coffee shop. We had a really good meeting where representatives of the student union and even the coffee shop manager were really keen to get something started. However when they contacted the powers that be at the Uni they told them electrical items would not be allowed to be repaired "in case they exploded!" This has killed the idea stone dead as at least 90-95% of the items we deal with at other venues across Sheffield are electrical. The fact we've been doing this for well over 5 years now without consigning half of South Yorkshire to the bottom of a nuclear crater doesn't seem to count for anything.

Someone at the uni obviously doesn't understand the difference between a toaster and an unexploded bomb!

I hate all things nanny state and I particularly dislike this idea being potentially passed on to the next generation through their channels of education. How do they justify student's fees when they don't even want to give them simple life skills like being able to change a plug?


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