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Our House Rules Empty Our House Rules

Post by adjman on Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:11 pm

Here is a copy of our house rules which may help those trying to come up with ideas

• The work carried out in the Repair Café is performed free of charge by volunteers.
• New materials used to effect a repair may be chargeable and must be paid for before the object is returned.
• A voluntary donation for the skills of the repairer is greatly appreciated.
• Neither the organisers of the Repair Café nor the repair volunteers are liable for any loss that may result from advice or instructions concerning repairs, for the loss of items handed over for repair, for consequential loss or any other kind of loss resulting from work performed in the Repair Café.
• Visitors offering broken items for repair do so at their own risk.
• Experts making repairs offer no guarantee for the repairs carried out with their help and are not liable if objects that are repaired in the Repair Café turn out not to work properly at home.
• Repair experts are entitled to refuse to repair objects
• Only one broken item will be repaired in one instance.
• The safety of items repaired offsite is no longer the responsibility of the Repair Café.

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